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    Life tip: bring a book with you everywhere you go

    Life pro tip: bring two, in case you finish the first one.

    Bigger life pro tip: Bring a kobo/kindle with you everywhere so you have an entire library with you at all times. 

    Ultimate life pro tip: live in a library and never ever leave. 

    Supreme life tip: Become a library


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    American artist Alexis Arnold grows crystals on classic books. The 30-year-old, from San Francisco, uses laundry detergent to create the crystals which appear after the books are soaked in hot water and left to dry.

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  5. "Books fall open, you fall in. When you climb out again, you’re a bit larger than you used to be."
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  6. I have had the best Idea.

    People should send me book recommendations in my ask and since I’ve read wayy a lot of books I’ll let you know if I’ve read it or not (hopefully not) and If I have read it I’ll tell you what I thought about it. Please please please?!?!

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    Bookshelf Tour!
    I have more books here and there, but this is my main bookshelf. I’m really proud of it :).

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    More adventures.

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  9. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them limited edition print coming soon! (source)

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  10. "A library is never complete. That’s the joy of it. We are always seeking one more book to add to our collection."
    — Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There. (via falling-inlove-with-books)

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    I did it. I found the ultimate tumblr bookstore.

    why was green eggs and ham banned??

    THAT  is a really good question

    it was banned in china from 65-91 for its portrayal of early marxism 

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    I went to this book store and their books were wrapped up in paper with small descriptions so no one would “judge a book by its cover”

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    You know a book is good when:

    1. You stay up until it’s finished, even if you have an early class.

    2. You can’t get it out of your head, even if you’re done reading it.

    3. You have no idea what to do with yourself now that the book is done and just kind of sit there.

    (sometimes my body even shakes because I’m just filled with so much love and excitement for the book)

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  15. "

    The problem that needs to be fixed is not kick all the girls out of YA, it’s teach boys that stories featuring female protagonists or written by female authors also apply to them. Boys fall in love. Boys want to be important. Boys have hopes and fears and dreams and ambitions. What boys also have is a sexist society in which they are belittled for “liking girl stuff.” Male is neutral, female is specific.

    I heard someone mention that Sarah Rees Brennan’s THE DEMON’S LEXICON would be great for boys, but they’d never read it with that cover. Friends, then the problem is NOT with the book. It’s with the society that’s raising that boy. It’s with the community who inculcated that boy with the idea that he can’t read a book with an attractive guy on the cover.

    Here’s how we solve the OMG SO MANY GIRLS IN YA problem: quit treating women like secondary appendages. Quit treating women’s art like it’s a niche, novelty creation only for girls. Quit teaching boys to fear the feminine, quit insisting that it’s a hardship for men to have to relate to anything that doesn’t specifically cater to them.

    Because if I can watch Raiders of the Lost Ark and want to grow up to be an archaeologist, there’s no reason at all that a boy shouldn’t be able to read THE DEMON’S LEXICON with its cover on. My friends, sexism doesn’t just hurt women, and our young men’s abysmal rate of attraction to literacy is the proof of it.

    If you want to fix the male literary crisis, here’s your solution:

    Become a feminist.


    The Problem is Not the Books, Saundra Mitchell (via silverstags)

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